What’s the use of politics?

Humans became the dominant animal species on the planet because they can cooperate in large numbers in a flexible manner. Politics is both gossip to determine who should lead and discussing fictions such as religions and ideologies to determine what should be done.

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Dictatorship or what?

Democracies can go wrong in times of social, political and economic upheaval. People might become dissatisfied with the political games of politicians. These conditions can make citizens crave for a strong leader who makes things right. It is a familiar pattern. But perhaps there are better solutions.

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Rational debates and historical processes

Most matters in society aren’t straightforward so rational debates are the best way to evaluate ideas. Historical processes can show how these ideas work out in practise.

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Wisdom of crowds and mass delusions

The quality of decision-making in democracies depends on how large groups of people form their opinions and make decisions. In this respect there are two opposing ideas, namely the wisdom of crowds and mass delusions.

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Democratic principles

Many countries are a democracy in name only (DINO). Democracy is more than just elections and parliaments. In order to be democratic, countries need to adhere to some basic principles of democracy.

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Swiss democracy

In Switzerland representative democracy (the use of parliaments) is combined with direct democracy (direct voting by citizens). Switzerland uses direct democracy more than any other country in the world. The Swiss are satisfied with their political system. Implementing this the Swiss political system in other nations might bring improvement.

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It is the prerogative of a sovereign government to issue a currency. A currency stands for political and economic self-determination. The experiment with the euro demonstrated that separating political and monetary authority has its drawbacks. There may be need for an international currency but not for a single world currency.

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