Social order


What a social order needs to be

Humans imagine that people have rights and are part of social classes. Proclaiming that people are equal and have rights is problematic. People are not equal in their abilities as well as their opportunities. But if most people agree on the social order this can provide stability to a society.

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What’s the point of technological developments and social changes if they don’t make people happier? So what makes people happy? Perhaps we shouldn’t expect too much from political and social institutions in this respect but despite that improvements might be worthwhile.

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New World Order

The direction of history is towards a single integrated world order. The world is becoming one in three major ways, intellectually, economically and politically. The world is now run by a global elite. And there may be a secret plan to create a New World Order the global elite is not aware of.

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One of the most successful ideas ever is multiculturalism. Kings who conquered an empire of different peoples allowed these peoples to keep their customs and settle their own affairs as long as they didn’t pose a threat to the social order. If the empire lasted long enough, the peoples in the empire began to form a common culture.

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Development aid

No country is so great that it can’t learn from others. And so development aid could extend to every nation in the world.

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Free money for everyone

We may need an income guarantee in the future as machines will be replacing humans. This argument is often brought forward by advocates of a universal basic income. It is however not certain that humans will become obsolete as workers and how long that will take. The transition from human labour to machine labour is likely to become a gradual process and a universal basic income may not be the best solution to deal with it.

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