The Universe As A Virtual Reality


So there is something more

Perhaps you have experienced something you can’t explain, an incredible coincidence or something else, for instance a near death experience. Or maybe you know someone who did. You can’t reason it away so you believe there must be something more.

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Explaining the unexplained

The paranormal has been a subject of controversy. The evidence is often problematic. Many paranormal incidents could be natural phenomena or the result of fraud or delusion, but a large number remains without explanation. In virtual reality, the laws of nature do not have to apply or they could apply in an arrangement suggesting that someone is pulling the strings.

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Simulation hypothesis

Some major religions claim that gods created this universe and that we are like them. For long it was impossible to clarify why this world might not be real or how the gods might have created it. Recent advances in information technology have changed that. This universe could be a virtual reality created by an advanced humanoid civilisation.

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Simulation argument II: adding information

Simulations could be realistic in many ways while not being realistic in some aspects. Instead of speculating about us living in a simulation by guessing the probability of the existence of post-humans and their abilities, resources, and possible motivations, it seems more illuminating to look at the available information about our universe.

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Properties of this universe

Either this universe emerged for some unknown reason or it was created by an advanced civilisation. Some people believe they can prove that this universe is created by demonstrating that the underlying properties are just numbers that can be represented in a computer. But properties are not a cause of existence.

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Satire on False Perspective. William Hogarth (1754).

Again, those properties

Coincidences like the licence plate number of Franz Ferdinand’s death car being a reference to the end date of World War I suggest that history is a script. Evidence of reincarnation indicates that memories can be storied outside the body. The universe may not be what is appears to be.

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Dazu wheel of reincarnation

Death: the final frontier

Quite a few people have experienced near death. To some people this is proof of an afterlife but most scientists are not convinced. A psychiatrist named Ian Stevenson proved them all wrong. But why do so few people remember a previous life? The answer might be a bit discomforting.

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Witbreuksweg dormitory

Meaningful coincidences

If we live inside a virtual reality there may be a script. And if there is a script then this universe probably is a virtual reality. Presumably someone must be running the show in that case. Such a script might generate meaningful coincidences we can recognise. Some of them can be quite intriguing.

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The law of large numbers

Meaningful coincidences may happen by chance. There are so many things happening all the time that meaningful coincidences must occur from time to time. That is the law of large numbers. Is there a way around this law so that we can demonstrate that there is a script?

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Mayan Calendar: That'll freak somebody out someday. Dan Piraro.

On numerology

Numerology is a way to give meaning to events using numbers. Numbers have no meaning, except the number itself. Weird things happened. This justifies a closer look at coincidences like 11:11 turning up on clocks again and again. There appeared to be a relation with the end of the Mayan calendar on 21 December 2012.

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Church tower in pond

Psychics, mediums and premonition

Perhaps mediums are so good at asking the right questions to influence people’s minds and reading people’s body language and facial expressions that they appear psychic. But perhaps psychics can make guesses that are more accurate than chance allows for without fraud. A prediction I made shows how that might be possible.

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Halloween cat from Poland. User Silar.

Ghost stories

People believing in ghosts are sometimes seen as nutty or delusional. But there may be more to ghosts than science can explain. A Fox News reporter, who allegedly has been attacked by ghosts and daemons in a haunted house, had to admit that the ghostlike phenomena at least felt real.

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History as a script

World War I ended with the Armistice of 11 November 1918. The licence plate number of the car in which Franz Ferdinand was killed referred to this date. The peculiarities surrounding D-Day are even more puzzling. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 has been predicted. The coincidences combined suggest that history is a script.

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World Trade Center on 11 September 2001

11 September coincidences

One of the first major geopolitical events in the age of Internet was 9/11. This event has been the subject of conspiracy theories. That obscured a remarkable fact. No other event in world history has ever been riddled with so many peculiar coincidences. Perhaps the conspiracy theorists simply weren’t paranoid enough as history might be a script.

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Toujours pas d'attentats en France. Charlie Hebdo

Aftermath of the 11 September terror attacks

In the aftermath of the 11 September 2001 terror attacks some peculiar coincidences happened. For instance, 11 years after the attacks, on 11 September 2012 there was a collision of trams 9 and 11 near the Hollands Spoor Station in The Hague in the Netherlands. A few days earlier a report had come into the news that Al-Qaeda had recruited two Somali men to carry out a suicide attack in The Hague.

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NASA mission control celebrating successful return of Apollo 13

History’s oddities

US Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were both involved in drafting the US Declaration of Independence that was signed on 4 July 1776. Both died on 4 July 1826, fifty years after the Declaration of Independence. There are more of such oddities in history.

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Declassified Pentagon UFO footage

The UFO mysteries

In April 2020 the Pentagon released three declassified videos showing pilots running into unidentified flying objects. This vindicated people who believe that extraterrestrials visit us from time to time.

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