The Universe As A Virtual Reality


So there is something more

Perhaps you have experienced something you can’t explain, an incredible coincidence or something else, for instance a near death experience. Or maybe you know someone who did. You can’t reason it away so you believe there must be something more.

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Dazu wheel of reincarnation

Death: the final frontier

Quite a few people have experienced near death. To some people this is proof of an afterlife but most scientists are not convinced. A psychiatrist named Ian Stevenson proved them all wrong. But why do so few people remember a previous life? The answer might be a bit discomforting.

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The simulation argument

Perhaps we live inside a computer simulation. Human civilisation may have become advanced. Humans may have come to live very long and entertain themselves in with virtual reality universes and this universe could be one of them. The idea of this universe being a virtual reality is popularised in The Matrix.

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Properties of this universe

Either this universe emerged for some unknown reason or it was created by an advanced civilisation. Some pundits believe they can prove that this universe is created by demonstrating that the underlying properties are just number that can be represented in a computer. But properties are not a cause of existence.

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Witbreuksweg dormitory

Meaningful coincidences

If we live inside a virtual reality there might be a script. And if there is a script then this universe probably is a virtual reality. Presumably someone must be running the show in that case. Such a script might generate meaningful coincidences we can recognise.

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The law of large numbers

Meaningful coincidences might indicate that there is a script and that this universe is a virtual reality. On 15 July 2011 two television towers in the Netherlands caught fire. There had never been a fire in a television tower in the Netherlands before. The law of large numbers states that bizarre accidents like this happen by chance. This isn’t proof of a script. There may be a way around this law by focussing on major historic events.

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History as a script

World War I ended with the Armistice of 11 November 1918. The licence plate number of the car in which Franz Ferdinand was killed referred to this date. The peculiarities surrounding D-Day are even more puzzling. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 has been predicted. The coincidences surrounding the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 justify a separate story.

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