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Predetermination issues

Whether we have a free will or not is an ancient question. Modern science suggests that our options are limited by our biology and our culture. At best we have a series of options to choose from. The question of predetermination boils down to the question whether the option we chose has already been selected for us. The licence plate number on Franz Ferdinand’s car referring to the end date of World War I may indicate that this may be so.

Coincidences surrounding major historic events, for instance those surrounding D-Day, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 suggest the existence of a script. Some people look at the clock at specific times like 11:11. If this is not selective remembrance, which it may be, this indicates that their minds are controlled. Meaningful coincidences may indicate that our minds are controlled just like our environment.

This universe could be a virtual reality created by an advanced civilisation. Perhaps everything is predetermined and we do not really have a free will. If everything happens by accident and we all have a free will, the simulation might become incalculable. Making it a script reduces the required memory and processing capabilities to the point that building a simulation universe for personal entertainment may be feasible.

The advanced civilisation that created us may run billions of universe simulations like the one we are in. Their computing resources may be ten billion times as much as we have, but they are still limited. Computing a few people with free will may already exceed their resources as chaos theory states that small changes can have a dramatic impact.

Strangely enough having limited resources may be the reason why God is all-powerful and has full control over everything that happens. This can raise some questions. One deals with fate. For instance, you may ask yourself, “If I am going to die on a certain day then what point is there in going to see a doctor if I fall ill?” Alternatively, you could opt for a dangerous hobby like climbing the Mount Everest because you believe that the date you will meet the Grim Reaper is already marked in stone.

Only, you don’t know that date. So if you go to the doctor and he or she cures you from an illness that would otherwise have been fatal, that could be predetermined, but if you choose not to go to the doctor and subsequently die, that would also be predetermined. The same can be said about getting killed while climbing the Mount Everest.

If someone knows the future, and everything is predetermined, this person can’t inform us in detail about the future. Exact predictions can influence the future in such a way that something else will happen. For example, if I know I am going to have a car accident tomorrow I will remain at home tomorrow and the accident wouldn’t happen. But such a person might leave signs like the license plate on Franz Ferdinand’s death car.

Predetermination makes it possible to do predictions that are more accurate than chance allows for. Most predictions of that kind aren’t accurate enough to be actionable because that could alter the future. The action taken may help to make the prediction come true. That requires actors being unaware of their role in the scheme. Some premonitions may be actionable, but it is not possible to know which ones on beforehand.

One specific type of premonition comes from people called prophets. Countless prophets have predicted that the end of times would come. That never happened, at least until now. But in 1979 an historian wrote a fictional story in which the Berlin Wall would fall in 1989. And on 11 September 2001 the BBC claimed that WTC building 7 had collapsed 26 minutes before it really happened.

If everything is predetermined then there is not really a battle between good and evil. The concepts of good and evil emerged as a result of evolution. Humans are social animals and their success as a species depends on cooperation. Actions that benefit the group, whether it is a family, community, nation or humanity, are considered good, while actions that harm the group are considered evil.

If the choices you make are predetermined, so are the consequences. It may therefore be a good idea to think of it as if there are two levels. On our level, free will appears to exist, but on the higher level there might be a script. For us the laws of probability seem to apply so that it may be a useful delusion to believe that doing something smart will more likely bring a favourable outcome than doing something stupid.

We can’t escape predetermination. If we could it wouldn’t be predetermination. Stepping outside the matrix is not possible if you are programmed inside of it. At best you may realise that all your thoughts and actions, including your enlightenment, are programmed, and that there is nothing that you can do about that. The matrix is not about secret agencies or advertisers trying to control our minds but our creators really controlling them. This may seem discouraging. But if you hope for a better world then it shouldn’t be. A better world will soon come if that is the script, even when it seems impossible at present. Realising this can be a powerful force that can change human civilisation into something completely different.

Featured image: Aruba sunset. English Wikipedia.

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