From Last Stand, Sci-Fi Short Film Made with Artificial Intelligence

The nature of reality

It appears we live inside a simulation created by an advanced post-human civilisation. Science sufficiently established several laws of reality, so if breaches in these laws occur, this is evidence of this world being fake. With the help of observations and induction, we can certify that these laws of reality do not always apply. The argument for us living inside a simulation thus hinges upon the following assumptions that appear plausible:

  • Science has sufficiently established a set of laws of reality.
  • The breaching of these laws is evidence of us living in a simulation.
  • There is evidence that these laws are breached from time to time.

Humans think they are unique and superb creatures, the apex of all that roams the planet. They attach great value to their inner selves and are unlikely to change their human essence once they can, so post-humans are likely to have similar motivations as we have. Hence, they might run simulations of human ancestor civilisations for research and entertainment.

The number of simulations for entertainment likely vastly outstrips those for research. It then follows that our most likely purpose is entertainment. The breaching of the laws of reality further suggests so. Simulations run for research are more likely to be realistic. Signs of control indicate that our universe is not a game but someone’s imaginary world. In a game, there is no need to control the outcome.

Being part of someone’s imaginary world appears to be our situation. This universe may come with a post-human owner we can call God. And God may use avatars in this simulation to become an ordinary human being.

Evidence of control indicates we are not sentient. We may not think and may not have a will. It could mean that we do not have intrinsic value to God and that God does not feel moral restraints when dealing with us. Bad things happen to people, and God could have prevented them from happening.

An individual can’t build this world alone or write out the script in every detail. It seems to require the use of artificial intelligence. We can already write scripts and make films in this way. So the owner of this world may only need to write the main storyline and the plot and leave the rest to the computer.

The simulation hypothesis sheds light on things that would otherwise remain unexplained. It makes a lot of sense. The strength of the evidence seems to outweigh the issues, such as a lack of scientific evidence for the paranormal, the limits of the human mind like attributing causes where randomness applies or seeing meaning when there is none, hindsight bias and the difficulties in establishing probabilities of meaningful coincidences occurring.

Featured image: From Last Stand, Sci-Fi Short Film Made with Artificial Intelligence

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