Eve in the Garden Of Eden

Mother Goddess Eve

Female figurines have been found during archaeological excavations. The most famous one is the Venus of Willendorf dating from around 23,000 BC. Some scholars believe these figurines depict mother goddesses. And indeed many ancient cultures had mother goddesses associated with fertility. Women give birth and humans in early civilisations may have thought that women have special powers that enable them to create life. One of the best known mother goddesses was Isis in ancient Egypt.

Venus of Willendorf
Venus of Willendorf

It has been argued that the worship of mother goddesses disappeared because men desired to control women and their sexuality. This may have happened when caring for children became a family matter rather than a communal affair. Women can be sure that their children are their own but for men this is different. The genes of men who are inclined to raise the children of others tend to die out. And so men may have sought reassurance that the children they cared for are their own. As they could walk out, this commanded a position of power. In this way patriarchy may have replaced matriarchy.

The Garden Of Eden is seen as a myth with no historical evidence to support it. Nevertheless the tale reflects the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture. The life of hunter gatherers was far more agreeable than the plight of the farmers that came later on.1 The Garden Of Eden provided for everything and resembled the life of hunter gatherers. After the fall Adam was banished from the Garden of Eden to work the ground,2 which was a life of toil.3 This reflects the transition to agriculture.

God appears to be male in the Hebrew Bible and the Quran but many believe that God has no gender. This is, above all, a politically correct stance. Historically Yahweh and Allah have been male gods. Yahweh and Allah even had a wife and children. Yet Jews and Muslims do not see God as a Father like Christians do, even though there are a few references to God as a Father4 and a Mother5 in the Torah. Remarkably the God of the Christians can give birth6 so perhaps God is a Mother after all.

Isis with Horus
Isis with the child Horus. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This universe could be a virtual reality that exists for entertainment so the script could come with such a plot. God may have devised a scheme to disguise Her identity using Virgin Mary as a substitute. The veneration of Virgin Mary as a mother already existed in early Christianity. Later on statues and images of Virgin Mary with the child Jesus have erected made similar to those of the Egyptian mother goddess Isis with her child Horus. In the Quran God claims to lead people astray.7 The Mother Goddess Mary, who may have been eliminated from the Gospels, re-entered the Church via a back door. As many prayers were directed to Virgin Mary, she became a proxy for God.

Saint Mary Bolnichka Icon
Virgin Mary with the child Jesus. Saint Mary Bolnichka Icon.

The early Christians may have believed that Eve was the mother of all the living, that Mary Magdalene was a reincarnation of Eve, and that Jesus was a reincarnation of Adam. They may have believed that Eve was not made out of the rib of Adam but that Adam was born as a son of Eve so that Adam and therefore Jesus were a Son of God. The Gospels have been redacted, perhaps to bring Christianity more in line with the Jewish religion. And so the birth story of Jesus from Virgin Mary may have been introduced to replace the birth of Adam from Eve, which was at odds with the account in Genesis.

Eve may have been a Mother Goddess before the creation story was redacted.8 Genesis 1 already contains a creation story explaining how men and women were created.9 Hence, the creation of Adam and Eve in Genesis 2 is at odds with Genesis 1. It is also peculiar that the woman was made from a rib of the man10 as women usually give birth to men. Adam is simply referred to as ‘the man’11 while Eve is referred to as ‘mother of all the living’.12 Adam calling Eve mother of all the living before they had any children also suggests tampering. Finally, it is hard to believe that Eve and Adam were the only people as their children married.

Eve being the Mother Goddess makes all these contradictions disappear. And that is a remarkable coincidence as Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 were probably based on two different older creation myths from Mesopotamia or Egypt. If this universe is a virtual reality running a script, this may be less remarkable than it seems, as it might be part of the plot of the story. One can imagine that the original story was that the Mother Goddess Eve felt lonely and wanted a husband for Herself.

The Quran mentions the creation of Adam extensively but says little about the creation of Eve. The Quran blames Adam for the Fall and leaves Eve mostly out of the picture. And so Jesus might have suffered on the cross in order to redeem himself for he might have considered himself to be the reincarnation of Adam. Yet, in the Quran Adam repented and is forgiven. Hence, sin and redemption are not major issues in Islam.

Jesus is called Son of Mary in the Quran13 while Christians call him Son of God. This is peculiar because the name of God may have been Mary, a secret only God could know. In the Quran Sura 74 named The Hidden Secret or The Cloaked One it is claimed that the number 19 is related to a hidden secret. The Arabic name for Sura 74 can both be translated to a hidden secret as well as a man wearing a cloak. Sura 19 is named Mary while God appears to be a man but might have been a woman named Mary.


The star and crescent became the symbol for Islam. This symbol has a long history predating Islam and it was formally associated with a Moon goddess. In the Biblical context it has different meaning. In the Biblical story of Joseph the Moon symbolises the woman while the star symbolises the child.14 In this way the Islamic symbol may represent the Mother Goddess with the child, just like the Madonna with the child Jesus.

The St. Mary of Zion Church in Ethiopia is said to contain the Ark of the Covenant. It is claimed that the Ark came to Ethiopia with King Menelik after he visited his father King Solomon. Mary of Zion is symbolised by the Ark of the Covenant.15 That is a remarkable coincidence. As the ark was the residence of Yahweh, the God of Israel, this coincidence too may indicate that the God of Christianity was named Mary, and that the God of the Jews is a woman.

Featured image: Eve in the Garden Of Eden. Henri Rousseau (1906-1910). Public Domain. Wikimedia Commons.

Other images: Venus of Willendorf. Don Hitchcock (2008). Wikimedia Commons; Isis with Horus. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Public Domain. Wikimedia Commons; Saint Mary Bolnichka Icon. Public Domain. Wikimedia Commons.

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