God Is A Woman


On the origins of religions

Humans are the dominant species on this planet because we collaborate flexibly in large numbers. Flexible large-scale collaboration requires imagination and shared beliefs like religions to make strangers work together on common goals. That is why societies with religions won out.

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Book: The Virtual Universe

We might live inside a computer simulation run by an advanced post-human civilisation. Post-humans might run simulations of human civilisations for research or entertainment. The owner or owners may use avatars and appear like ordinary human beings to us.

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Donar by Gustaaf van de Wall Perné (1911)

Imagined gods versus one true faith

Throughout history, humans imagined thousands of gods. The Jewish deity Yahweh was one of them, just like Zeus, Venus, Donar, and many others. Somehow the worship of the Jewish deity in all of its forms survived and grew, so by now, nearly half the humans in this world believe that Yahweh, also known as The Father or Allah, is the only true God who rules our world. This may not be a historical accident

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The identity of God

God may be a woman who can appear as an ordinary woman in this world. Mary Magdalene may have made Jesus believe that he was Adam reincarnated and that She was Eve reincarnated, and that they were an eternal couple from the beginning of Creation until the End of Times. And She may have made Jesus think that Eve did not come from Adam’s rib but gave birth to Adam, so he was Her son too. God may also have married Muhammad and founded the Jewish nation in the era of the judges.

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Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau

Introducing Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau

Clouseau was inept, but he always managed to solve the mystery. How could a bumbling clown such as Clouseau be correct while the competent fail? The answer is that Jacques Clouseau is a fictional character in a story. The plot is always that Clouseau is right in the end. The world we live in could be fiction. And so, I could be right

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Building a nation with religion

The Jews have built their nation around their religion. Around 450 BC, the Jewish nation faced extinction as the Jews lived dispersed. They were mixing with the surrounding populations. The Jewish leaders met this challenge by building a nation around their deity Yahweh to keep their people together. It has proven to be a successful survival strategy because, after 2,500 years, the Jews are still around.

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Jesus and Minas Coptic icon dating from 6th or 7th century

From Jesus to Christianity

Understanding Jesus of Nazareth and Christianity requires understanding the time and place in which Jesus lived and Christianity emerged. But that may not be enough. If this universe is created by an advanced humanoid civilisation for entertainment then leaving God out of the picture would be a serious flaw.

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Christ with Mary Magdalene

Who was Mary Magdalene?

Why is the identity of the Bride of Christ not mentioned in the Gospels? And why did Jesus appear to have a loving and intimate relationship with God? The explanation could be that Mary Magdalene was God’s avatar. Jesus may have believed that Mary Magdalene was the reincarnation of Eve and that he was the reincarnation of Adam, and that Adam was the son of Eve, so that he was the Son of God because Adam was.

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Eve in the Garden Of Eden

Mother Goddess Eve

Eve is called Mother of all the Living. The creation of Adam and Eve in Genesis 2 is at odds with Genesis 1. It is also peculiar that the woman was made from a rib of the man. Adam calling Eve mother of all the living before they had any children also suggests tampering. And it is hard to believe that Eve and Adam were the only people as their children married. There is a possible explanation. Eve may have been a Mother Goddess before the creation story was redacted.

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The last Adam

Adam is called the Son of God (Luke 3:38), and Jesus is named the Firstborn of all Creation (Colossians 1:15). So, was Jesus Adam? Paul compared Jesus to Adam and called him the last ADam. Jesus became the redeemer for Adam’s transgressions. His sacrifice for Adam’s mistake can be better understood if he believed himself to be Adam.

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Born of God

Christians are born of God, at least that is what the Gospel Of John tell us. But men cannot give birth. And so, the gender of God may have been altered by the early leaders of the church. But why? The teachings of Jesus may have been problematic. Paul of Tarsus then came up with a solution that defines Christianity as it is today.

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Sepphoris Mosaic

Sarah, mother of the Jews

According to the Hebrew Bible, Judaism started with Sarah and Abraham. God wanted Sarah to become the Mother of the Jews. She became pregnant at the age of 90. Jewish tradition holds that Jewishness is inherited via the matriarchal family line. And so Jews are children of Sarah. And in family matters, the will of God coincided with the wishes of Sarah.

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Khadijah, mother of the believers

At the age of twenty-five, Muhammad married his employer, the forty-year-old widow Khadijah. Her moral support made Muhammad believe in his mission and her financial support for the early Muslim community was indispensable for the survival of Islam. Apart from being a wife she also was like a mother to Muhammad. Khadijah may have been God.

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The religion Paul invented

Not only did Paul open up Christianity for gentiles, but he also shaped the theology of the church. At first, there were several contending versions of Christianity, but the version of Paul won out. It is the perspective of Paul that stands between Christianity and the teachings of Jesus.

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Roman sculpture of Cleopatra wearing a royal diadem

History is Her story, part 1

If God is a woman and history is a script then history is Her story and the pun could be intended and God could use avatars to play a role in Her story. Several important women in history may have been avatars of God. But who were they? Thanks to a unique investigative method called clue based guessing Clouseau style the identity of some of those avatars might have been uncovered.

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History is Her story, part 2

If God is a woman and history is a script then history is Her story and God could use avatars to play a role in Her story. Several important women in history may have been avatars of God. But who were they?

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When Jesus returns

After 2,000 years a lot of people still expect Jesus to return. But what do they expect to happen when he does? Will Jesus make things right? Will there be a showdown between the forces of good and evil? And will evil people burn in hell forever and will there be no mercy? And how may this work out in practice?

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God is love

Christians believe that God is love. Only, there may be something about this love that the church fathers found to be so troubling that they didn’t want us to know about it. If you know what it is, Christianity suddenly makes a lot more sense, and you may be able to guess what the future religion will look like.

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The end is near

If the end ever comes then it may be close. The exponential growth of human impact on the planet is about to end. Technological developments may soon transform humans into beings with enhanced capabilities and a lengthy lifespan. It is possible to give everyone a comfortable life. And finally, we may discover that we live inside a virtual reality.

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Book: God is a woman

Who is God? The simulation hypothesis tells us that God could be a post-human individual who uses us for personal entertainment. God might use an avatar to appear as an ordinary human in this world. And so, answering the question may come down to disclosing which people were God in disguise.

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