The Virtual Universe

So there must be something more
Is there a plan?
Wake up call
A few possible scenarios
The simulation hypothesis
Simulation argument II: adding information
Properties of this universe
Again, those properties
Death: the final frontier
Ghost stories
The UFO mysteries
The Curse of The Omen
Meaningful coincidences
On numerology
Psychics, mediums, and premonition
Getting used to strangeness
History’s oddities
11 September coincidences
Aftermath of the 11 September terror attacks
Predetermination issues
What are the odds?
The nature of reality

God Is A Woman

On the origins of religions
The virtual universe
Imagined gods versus one true faith
The identity of God
Religious experiences and miracles
Building a nation with religion
From Jesus to Christianity
Who was Mary Magdalene?
Genesis from where?
Mother Goddess Eve
Virgin Mary
The last Adam
Sarah, mother of the Jews
Khadijah, mother of the believers
Born of God
God is love
The religion Paul invented
How Jesus became God
The Gospel of John
Introducing Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau
History is Her story, part 1
History is Her story, part 2
When Jesus returns
The end is near

Natural Money And The Economy

The miracle of Wörgl
Joseph in Egypt
From scarcity to abundance
Our invisible friend
Supply and demand
The law of diminishing marginal utility
What is money?
What is the use of banks?
How the financial system came to be
The monster called the financial system
The future of interest rates
Capital for the future
The problem of interest
A model for the economy
Feasibility of Natural Money
Free money for everyone?

Society And Politics

What a social order needs to be
A fairer world
The Great Law Of Peace
Rational debates and historical processes
New World Order
Animal rights
Development aid for every nation
What’s the use of politics?
Wisdom of crowds and mass delusions
Swiss democracy
Morality clause
The last day
A difficult history


Meeting Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau
A shattered mirror
I am as real as you want me to be
Truthfulness and accuracy
Towards a spirit of connectedness

A Life Most Unusual

Early signs
‘You have been warned’
Plotting a course
Climbing up that hill
Projecting the future?
Clutching at a straw
Master of my own destiny?
Joking jokers


Events in my life related to 11 September