Wake up call

In the autumn of 2008, the financial system was in jeopardy. A few days earlier, I had found a possible way of stopping financial and economic crises with the help of negative interest rates. Until now, interest rates have always been above zero. In the future, they may always be negative. It seemed an epic discovery that could change the world forever.

Then something peculiar transpired. Every time I woke up at night, I looked at the clock, and it showed times like 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 or 5:55. Then out of the blue, my wife told me that she too was waking up at night and seeing these same time prompts again and again. I had not mentioned this to anyone, so she could not have known that the same was happening to me. This episode lasted for several weeks.

On the internet, you can find stories of people being haunted by time prompts like 11:11. This peculiarity is called the 11-phenomenon or sometimes the 11:11-phenomenon. You can type 11:11 into the Google search bar and see for yourself. World War I ended on 11 November 1918. And the licence plate number of Franz Ferdinand’s car seems to refer to this date. So what does it signify? And could there be a connection?

Perhaps it means nothing at all. Our minds trick us, and in different ways. One of them is selective remembrance. Maybe you have experienced a few strange coincidences. These incidents stick to your memory. On the other hand, you may not remember thousands of mundane events that also transpired because there was nothing special about them.

Nearly every day, I see some number, and then within a second or so, I see the same number again somewhere else, often on licence plates. But when I look out for recurring numbers, I do not see them very often. Perhaps repeating numbers trigger my brain. Recording them then becomes a conscious process, so for each remarkable combination, countless others remain unnoticed.

tin foil hat

My waking up at night and seeing those time prompts was different. There were no exceptions as far as I can remember. To make it even worse, my wife had the same experience, and at the same time. That was not my mind tricking me. And it certainly was not selective remembrance. Something made me wake up and look at the clock at these times. It looked like mind control. And this is the connection with the licence plate number of Franz Ferdinand’s car. Only large-scale mind control could make the assassination succeed, trigger a war, and end this war on 11 November 1918.

That is beyond the scope of this booklet, and the website Naturalmoney.org provides a full explanation. But why did I discover it? The time prompts and the licence plate both suggest that everything that takes place is part of a script and that we are just actors in a play. Perhaps, Natural Money will be of use. But, can it be explained that we live inside a script? At this point, a peek into our possible future might be helpful, for it is not that hard to understand.

Latest update: 22 June 2022

Featured image: 11:11 time prompt.

Other image: Tin foil hat. Morton Devonshire (2007). Wikipedia. Public Domain.

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