Wake up call

It was the autumn of 2008. The financial crisis was getting serious. A few weeks earlier I had discovered a solution for the financial crisis based on the money of Wörgl and ancient Egypt. Every time I woke up at night and looked at the clock, it showed times like 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 or 5:55. Then out of the blue, my wife Ingrid told me that she too was waking up at night and seeing those same time prompts again and again. And I hadn’t mentioned this to her before. This went on for about a month. Then it stopped.

On the internet you can find stories of people being nagged by time prompts, most often 11:11. And so this thing is called 11 phenomenon or 11:11 phenomenon. You can type 11:11 into the Google search bar and see for yourself. World War I ended on 11 November 1918 or 11-11-18. A reference to this date was found on the licence plate of the car in which Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. The assassination triggered World War I. It is a mysterious coincidence. So what could it mean?

Our minds trick us in different ways. One of them is selective remembrance. Maybe you have experienced a few strange coincidences. These incidents stick to your memory. On the other hand, you won’t remember thousands of mundane events that also happened because there was nothing special about them. Hence your memory might record your life as a sequence of peculiar events, bizarre coincidences and strange accidents.

Nearly every day I see some number and then, within a second or so, I see the same number again somewhere else, often on licence plates. But when I watch out for recurring numbers I don’t see them very often. Possibly recurring numbers trigger my brain. Recording them then becomes a conscious process so that for every special combination, countless others remain unnoticed.

tin foil hat

Only, I found this explanation difficult to apply on the waking up at night and seeing those time prompts again and again. There were hardly any exceptions if there were any at all. To add insult to injury, Ingrid had the same experience at the same time. This wasn’t just my mind tricking me. This wasn’t selective remembrance. Something made me wake up and look at the clock at these specific times. This could be mind control.

It makes sense. If the licence plate number on the car in which Franz Ferdinand was killed wasn’t a mere coincidence then everyone’s mind may be controlled. World War I consisted of countless actions of countless individuals. If you can make the war end on 11 November 1918 this implies complete control over every mind and every action. And so we could be living inside a simulation running a script.

On the Internet you can learn that repeatedly seeing 11:11 is a sign from angels. I don’t believe that. If it is not selective remembrance then it is mind control. There had been peculiar coincidences in my life from time to time. Some of them pointed at a certain lady I once met. I began to suspect that she had something to do with this. And it soon turned out that my business with her was not finished yet.

Featured image: 11:11 time prompt.

Other image: Tin foil hat. Morton Devonshire (2007). Wikipedia. Public Domain.

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