Halloween cat from Poland. User Silar.

Ghost stories

Ghosts are a controversial topic. People believing in ghosts are sometimes seen as nutty or delusional. But there may be more to ghosts than science can explain. A Fox News reporter, who allegedly has been attacked by ghosts and daemons in a haunted house, had to admit that the ghostlike phenomena at least felt real. He claimed to have been scratched by an unknown entity. There are countless similar encounters.

It appears that the laws of physics don’t always apply. That could be explained if this universe is a virtual reality created by an advanced civilisation. In that case the evidence for ghosts can exist. In a similar vein reincarnation stories indicate that memories can be transferred to another person. So perhaps we are just as real as ghosts.

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Featured image: Halloween cat from Poland. User Silar (2012). Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.

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