Apenheul monkey

So there is something more

There have been countless strange incidents in my life. One of them happened in December 2010. My wife Ingrid and I were sitting at the kitchen table. She was talking about her late mother and father. Her mother had outlived her father for more than three decades. Ingrid recalled that her mother had asked her father to make himself noticed as a spirit if he was to die first. She then remembered that her mother later said he had never made himself noticed, not even by stopping a clock.

Just after Ingrid finished speaking, a gust of wind blew a flower-pot from one side of the balcony to the other side. This produced a loud noise. Even though it was windy, the gust seemed to come out of nowhere. This was a bit eerie. The next day Ingrid found out that a clock and an alarm clock were both back one hour. One of them was connected to the power grid while the other ran on a battery.

Perhaps you too have experienced something you can’t explain, an incredible coincidence or something else, for instance a near death experience. Or maybe you know someone who did. You can’t reason it away so you believe that there must be something more. And some people really find it comforting that there is something more.

But what’s the problem with our existence being the result of chance and evolution? Is that so much worse than playing a small part in the scheme of a Supreme Puppet Master? And it was fine for me to believe that I would die some day and that it would all be over. But things are the way they are. There is something more.

To end this story on a lighter note, in 2014 Ingrid, my son Rob and I visited the monkey zoo Apenheul in Apeldoorn. We had been walking around watching monkeys for three hours or so. Then a small long-tailed monkey came sitting near me. I could touch the tail if I wanted to so I said to Ingrid jokingly, “Well, if I pull this tail a bell will go off saying ding-dong.” Then within a second, a loud ding-dong came from the speakers all over the zoo and an announcement followed. There hadn’t been any announcement all day until then so this was quite remarkable.

Featured image: from Apenheul website. [copyright info]